We are proud to have a team of passionate AR/VR/MR developers, who are very creative and passionate about their work. We would love to ideate with you and take your AR/VR development needs to reality
Augmented Reality Development
Augmented Reality development
  • Cross platform Marker/Markerless AR application development
  • BIM integrated AR Development
  • GIS integrated AR Development
Virtual Reality Development
Virtual Reality development
  • Interactive VR application development for all VR headsets
  • BIM integrated VR development
Mixed Reality Development
Mixed Reality development
  • Interactive MR application DevelopmentĀ  in Microsoft Hololense
  • Interactive learning lessons and storytelling


Game Development Tresreis
AR / VR Game development
  • Casual to hardcore game development using Unity Engine ARkit/ARCore/Vuforia/Wikitude
  • Immersive VR Game development for all VR headsets

Our strengths

5+ years of combined experience in AR/VR Development

5+ years of combined experience in creating Apps & Games in AR and VR for various mobile platforms and various VR headsets

15+ years of combined experience in Gaming Industry

We have created 2D and 3D games for various platforms including iOS & Android using Unity

15+ years of combined experience in Unity(major AR/VR & Game development Engine)

15+ years of combined experience in Unity, the major 3D game Engine. Globally 80% of AR/VR apps are made with Unity

BIM- AR/VR integration capability

With our expertise in Building information Modeling we implement and visualise BIM data in AR and VR

Concept to product inhouse development capability

We have a team of experts to cover all development cycle including Pre-production. Post-production and QA

GIS- AR integration capability

With our expertise in Geographic Information system, we are developing various mapping solutions and location based AR solutions for Games and Apps

Our works

SpacewAR Uprising

Turn your surroundings into a powerful gaming arena. SpacewAR is an AR game available in AppStore

AR / VR Home visualiser

Want to walk around your home even before you build it? You can experience how exactly your home look like and feel like even before you start built it. Also customise everything from paint to furniture and floor to roof.

Interactive learning

What if your kids can be a part of their favorite story? Let them explore and learn new arenas with interactive stories and puzzles in AR & VR. This is our new learning app for kids

Software & Technologies

Engagement Models

We can enter into an engagement in either of the following three models.

Time and Material

In a time & material (T&M) contract, we agree to unit rates that have been predetermined by both parties in advance for executing the project. senior engineers. The contract has no definite end date. Therefore the full value of the contract cannot be defined at the time of awarding it. T&M contract can grow in value over the period that it is in effect. The inherent flexibility of the time and material (T&M) contract makes it an attractive option from a project management perspective for both Ruby Software and the customer.

Fixed Price

In a Fixed Price or Lump Sum contract, we agree on a fixed price for the project while embarking on it. The payment does not depend on resources used or time expended. Given that risk management is of utmost priority in this type of contract to take care of budgetary overruns, more detailed specifications, checklists and scope documents are required from the customer side to ensure a smooth execution and delivery of the project.


We engage with customers by executing a Proof of Concept to help the latter gain invaluable business insights and make the right moves Clear goals are identified by asking these questions:

> Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
> What criteria will we use to measure our progress?
> Is the goal achievable or realistic?
> Is the goal relevant to the business?
> When will this goal be accomplished?

Next step is to perform following:
> UI/UX wireframing
> Usability review and functional walkthrough
> Defining AR/VR project strategies.
> AR/VR Project planning and management
> Content production for AR/VR projects

Finally, we will define and build out an MVP product that will have the core functionalities that your business is seeking and then Developing and publishing AR/VR projects

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