We do innovative game development and focus attention on cross-platform games. We understood the games from addictive word games to knowledge enhancing puzzle games to interactive physics games to all lots of fun games. We do Game Development and services from concept to implementation

Complete Game Design and Development

  • Pre-production and prototype development
  • Post production development
  • Gameplay design
  • 3D game asset creation
  • 2D game asset creation
  • UI/UX creation
  • In-game VFX creation
  • Social media and 3rd party API integration

We do interesting Promotional Games suitable for

  • Cinema
  • Events
  • Competitions
  • Books
  • Web Series

We do gamification for

  • Industrial and Security Training 
  • E-Learning for Kids
  • Educational gamification
  • Technology Design
  • Corporate Training


We do the best  Monetisation for your game

  • In-app purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Native Ads
  • Virtual Currency
  • Rewarded video Ads
  • AR  Ads

We make games for


Our recent work


SpacewAR Uprising  – The Augmented reality game for ios

SpacewAR Uprising is the First Surrounded AR Game in the World. SpacewAR is based on the combat of spaceships coming from a fictional galaxy called Clomozavendra headed by an evil alien named Clomatandria who is destroying all other galaxies to be the ruler of the Universe. When she tried to attack Earth, our best brains deployed a protecting shield for earth called X-Castera. She is now sending a group of attacking spaceships to destroy X-Castera. Player need to protect X-Castera and protect itself to survive.

Experience the excellent game effects and controls to redefine the Augmented Reality games

Spacewar uprising|Clomatandria
Spacewar uprising| augmented Reality
Spacewar uprising
Spacewar uprising| Space vehicle