ConstruGIS 1:32

ConstruGIS- An Innovative Construction Management Solution

Space-Z Home 2:06

Space-Z is complete solution providing stunning 3D real estate tours and virtual staging of home interiors

Virtual Reality 3:01

VR is a fascinating technology for kids. Here is an application showing Solar System in VR

Space-Z Home (Demo) 3:58

Experience of your dream home in Virtual Reality with Space-Z Home

Augmented Reality 1:33

Augmented Reality app for Home customization

Mixed Reality 1:33

Mixed Reality application for pipeline distribution


SpacewAR Uprising 3:58

SpacewAR Uprising Worlds First Surrounded Augmented Reality Game

Tiny Jumper Justin 1:33

Tiny Jumper Justin: Foodie Pilots Fruit Rush  an endless fun jumping game

Drop the Ball 1:33

Simple physics based game