Space-Z Home is the ultimate solution to those who are looking to purchase a new home, want to visualize the finished home through a 3D immersive experience as design by the builder.

Space-Z Home is a disruptive application replacing the decades old practice of a live visit to the property by a virtual visit from anywhere in the World. To experience this, all you required is an AR enabled mobile device and hundreds of projects can be visited in a really small time-frame.

Even browsing through the mobile application has been made simpler! You can scan the AR marker images from the website of the interested project and in a few seconds, the virtual visit in AR is ready at your fingertips.

Space-Z  Home fits in as a better solution in helping customers to visualize the closest near-reality build-ups, eliminate non-productive viewings, and reduce overall costs of preparing a property for sale. Physical staging demands a professional workforce, making it expensive and time consuming. Space-Z provides the flexibility for virtually re-modelling and staging the property until it meets client expectations. Not just making it simpler for home buyers to figure out what is perfect for their home from an exhaustive database, Space-Z Home provides a fun way of experimenting it.

Space-Z Home even resolves the greatest challenge for a builder as well as for the home buyers, which is to locate the potential buyer or the perfect builder for his/her property with an innovative property listing based on spatial location and customer sentiment data. Combined with the cognitive experience and aesthetics of the AR, Space-Z can provide an interactive experience of the property from any location by scanning a brochure, picture, or a hoarding while you are on the move. Space-Z with VR and AR offers a realistic feel of the interior and exterior of homes, apartments and villas, dealing with the “it doesn’t resemble the pictures” claim by most clients.

Virtual voyages through a home are inevitable in a successful marketing strategy that can inherently avoid unproductive and tiresome property visits by the clients. Builders can apply different staging options for a property and can display the most appealing ones in their website, which is a great marketing strategy to be followed. By making use of the XR technologies, Space-Z Home provides the best first impression on both builders and home buyers and act as a one stop solution for various issues in property sale and home staging.

This Augmented Reality application let the home buyers to experience a walk-through of their dream properties with its intricacies at the comforts of their home. It helps to overcome the difficulties with viewing sample pictures and floor plans or cinematic videos.

Virtual and augmented reality offers a more realistic experience of the interiors and exteriors thereby giving you the ultimate virtual experience of your project.

With Space-Z Home, builders can make use of our proprietary technology to improve your product presentation attracting potential buyers.